Dress Up as Yor Forger: Your Street Fighter 6 Avatar Adventure

Dress Up as Yor Forger: Your Street Fighter 6 Avatar Adventure

Hey Street Fighter fans, and anime enthusiasts – we’ve got some thrilling news! The Spy X Family collaboration with Street Fighter 6 has kicked off, and it’s time to jazz up your SF6 Avatar with some spy-tastic flair. Although you can’t play as Yor Forger, you sure can transform your Avatar into a Yor-inspired masterpiece. Let’s dive into the guide on how to get Yor Forger in Street Fighter 6 and level up your spy game.

Spy X Family Collab and Yor Forger: A Stylish Blend of Anime and SF6

The Spy X Family collaboration brings a fusion of anime goodness and Street Fighter 6 vibes. However, before we get into the Avatar customization, here’s a heads-up – Yor Forger isn’t a playable character. Instead, she graces SF6 as an Avatar Costume for you to deck out your player Avatar. But worry not, it’s still a chance to add that spy charm to your SF6 experience.

Snagging Yor Forger Avatar Costume

To begin, launch Street Fighter 6 and navigate to the Battle Hub collaboration store. This is your treasure trove for Avatar costumes, including the ones inspired by Yor and Loid Forger. Spend your in-game currency wisely to snag these spy-approved outfits for your Avatar.

The Magic of Avatar Codes and Yor Forger

Now, let’s talk Avatar codes – the secret sauce to transform your Avatar into Yor Forger. After securing the costumes, dive into the Avatar Creator menu. Head to the final option, Recipe, and here’s where the magic unfolds. Input the code SPY_SF6_YOR into the Download Recipe option. Ta-da! Your Avatar is now channeling the elegance of Yor Forger.

Picking Your Fighter Spirit: Chun Li’s Move Set

For that extra touch of Yor spirit, we recommend using Chun Li’s move set for your Avatar. It’s the closest you can get to capturing Yor’s essence in the NIAGASLOT game. Get ready to unleash those stylish moves and strut your stuff in true Yor fashion.

Loid Forger Bonus: A Little Friendly Rivalry

Feel like adding Loid Forger to the mix? Follow the same steps as above, but this time, use the code SPY_SF6_LOID in the Avatar Creator menu. Some say Loid’s Avatar looks even better than Yor’s – a friendly rivalry indeed. For Loid’s move set, we suggest going with either Luke or JP.

Spy X Family x SF6 Extravaganza Details

The Spy X Family collaboration is an extravagant extravaganza, not limited to Avatar costumes. During the collaboration period, peruse the Battle Hub collaboration store for unique items such as picture frames, stamps, and titles. Yor and Loid’s hairstyles are now available in the avatar creation options, allowing you to fully embrace the Spy X Family look. Embrace the opportunity while you have it because the collaboration is scheduled to end on January 31.

There you have it, Street Fighter and Spy X Family enthusiasts! Now you’re equipped with the know-how to infuse your SF6 Avatar with the charm of Yor Forger. Stride into battle, showcase those spy moves, and enjoy the Spy X Family collaboration in Street Fighter 6. See you in the game, spies!