Cracking the Code on Guinevere Roamer: Tips from BREN Owgwen

Cracking the Code on Guinevere Roamer: Tips from BREN Owgwen

Have you noticed the cool moves of Guinevere roamer in the MPLI 2023 tournaments? This hero is stealing the show after some updates in the latest MLBB patch.

Guinevere didn’t change a whole lot, but a small but powerful new trick has made her even more awesome. That’s why she’s now rocking the title of a tier S hero in the big MLBB competitions.

In almost every MPLI 2023 game, teams are either rushing to pick Guinevere or banning her. There are only a few games where she doesn’t get to join the party.

Guinevere can do a bunch of roles, like being an EXP laner, a roamer, or a jungler. But guess what? In MPLI 2023, Guinevere roamer and jungler are the heroes everyone’s talking about.

Guinevere Roamer: A New Hero Move

Guinevere always had the skills to roam around the battlefield. Her super quick moves make her perfect for snatching up opponents. But you know what? Her roamer skills are getting real attention now.

A short stun effect was added to her skill 2, making enemies fly up in the air. People think it’s a super powerful move. Since the start of the action is usually a surprise, opponents find it tricky to dodge. Even if they try using Purify, Guinevere’s skill 2 is ready to go again real fast, so it’s not that easy to escape.

Owgwen’s Guinevere Roamer Victory

Owgwen, the roamer for AP BREN, showed off how awesome Guinevere roamer can be in MPLI 2023 when AP BREN beat Nova Esports. In a special chat with ONE Esports, this top roamer spilled the beans on how to play Guinevere roamer.

“To me, Guinevere roamer is like a hidden trick (since most people expect her to be a jungler). You gotta jump right into a teamfight and take down enemy heroes,” Owgwen spilled the secret.

Best Emblem and Talent

Here’s the cool part about Guinevere roamer – the special emblem and talent choices. Owgwen goes all-in for a full tank approach.

He picks a tank emblem with talents that make Guinevere super tough and mobile: Firmless, Wilderness Blessing, and Brave Smith.

And guess what? Guinevere jungler also goes full tank with Owgwen carrying just two items – Dominance Ice and Athena Shield. The matches end quickly, but Guinevere stays strong till the SLOT GACOR TERBARU end.

With a tanky emblem and items, Guinevere becomes a fearless leader. No need to worry about losing health during fights because she’s thick and tough. This setup lets her dance in and out of battles like a total boss.

In a Nutshell: The Hero Prodigy

As MPLI 2023 unfolds, Guinevere roamer is making a splash, adding a cool twist to the game. Owgwen’s clever moves remind us how important it is to dive into team fights and knock out enemies fast. Picking a full tank emblem and talents only makes Guinevere tougher, turning her into a powerful force in the ever-changing world of MLBB. So, next time you play, maybe give Guinevere a shot and rock the battlefield!